Gunman Clive SNES

Gunman Clive is now playable on SNES!

As some of you may recall, last year I released a demo of Gunman Clive for Gameboy, which turned out to be one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on. So now, after struggling for months to make headway with my new secret projects, I took a break to do some more retro programming, on my favourite console of all time.

Coding for SNES has always been a dream of mine but I've never gotten around to it until now. It's a also a very challenging beast that has never had much of a homebrew community. But it's definitely an interesting hardware to work with.

However this demo is basically just a straight port of the gameboy demo from last year, so it's not very fancy and doesn't utilise the hardware very much. There are limits to how much you can do with Gunman Clive while being true to the original so I didn't feel it was worth the extra effort to upgrade the graphics to full SNES quality. Someday I'd love to do another SNES project that takes full advantage of the hardware, but that will not be Gunman Clive and it will take a lot more time. So for this demo I just reused the gameboy graphics and added some different palettes.

Also, apologies to Arne for further mistreatment of his music. Again I didn't really do the hardware or his songs justice, but just took the data from the gameboy remixes and added some quick and dirty samples.

Despite being a direct port of the GB demo however, it took quite a lot of work. As the architecture is completely different and I had to rewrite everything to 65816 assembly language, as well as write a music player in yet another assembly language, etc.

  • Works on real SNES/SFC hardware, or any decent emulator.
  • Runs at 60 fps with no slowdown.
  • 1 fully playable level
  • Near identical gameplay to the original
  • Based on the gameboy version
  • Written in 100% assembly code

Gunman Clive SNES Edition was developed with WLA DX assembler, and no$sns debugger. Huge thanks to the creators of those tools and to all contributers to the SNES Development Wiki.


Gunman Clive SNES ROM

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Nintendo Wii U

Gunman Clive HD Collection

Nintendo 3DS

Gunman Clive, Gunman Clive 2


Gunman Clive, Gunman Clive 2

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